Sandwell Meeting, 27th September 2010

Facebook post by Malcolm Kennedy

“Gabriel Muies, Cllr Sharon Sullivan, John Hinchcliffe (World Heritage Officer) and myself travelled to Sandwell to meet with Cllr Ian Jones today. We were very warmly welcomed by Cllr Jones and explored the issues with him. We also had a chance to speak to the Leader of the Council, Cllr Darren Cooper in whose ward the Pooley Gates currently reside.

The meeting gave me great hope that we will be able to bring the gates home. There are key issues to discuss with English Heritage and our focus will now be on convincing them that delisting, removal and relisting should be allowed. My thanks to Cllr s Cooper and Jones for their welcome.

What a great thing it would be to welcome them to Liverpool for next year’s Labour Party Conference and for them to attend the unveiling ceremony at which we would be able to thank them properly for looking after our gates and allowing them to return home.”

Thank you Malcolm. Fingers crossed!

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