Thank You Mr Roger Burgess

The following is information provided by Roger Burgess, a Wallasyean, currently living in Kendal, Cumbria

My father, Arthur Burgess, was the Chief Clerk and Cashier of the LSH when it ceased to operate at Canning Place, and their office was moved to Water Street – Oriel Chambers, I think. Despite the closure of the home itself, they were still in charge of the Training Ship Indefatigable [then land-based near Menai] and also the King George V Fund for Sailors.

The LSH was closed down, not for lack of sailors, but because its open balconies could not be fire-proofed to current safety standards. You may like to know that the rooms were always called Cabins and each floor was called a Deck. This was to use familiar terminology for sailors, many of whom might speak little or no English.

I understand the original gates of LSH have been found, and it is hoped to bring them back to Liverpool. See:

When LSH closed, my father was given an early engraving of the building, and I attach three photographs. You may be able to date it from the bustles worn by the women in the pictures, and the beautiful gates are quite clear.

At the time of the closure, the Echo printed an article [see attached] and the man on the balcony, or correctly Deck, is my father. The date of the Echo article was Monday 19th January 1970.

I also have in my possession glass photographic negatives of the two training ships, each named Indefatigable in turn. You may like to see them. Scanned images attached.

Just before the closure a photograph was taken inside the LSH, featuring the cast of the television serial “Family At War”, which was current at that time, and was set in Liverpool. My son has a copy of this. You may have no professional interest in television, but the photograph shows a clear view inside the LSH. As far as I understand this publicity photograph was never used by Granada.

The news cutting has a piece missing, but it’s still an interesting read. Once again, many thanks to Roger Burgess for supplying the images and information.

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