Henry Pooley

Henry Pooley

Henry Pooley was born in West Derby, a suburb of Liverpool, on the 4th of January, 1803. He was the third son of Mr Henry Pooley Snr., an iron founder of some note in Liverpool, and one who sought to excel in all that he undertook. But as his favourite maxim was “if a thing is worth doing at all, it is worth doing well,” profit was often lost sight of in the desire to attain this object. The subject of this notice was apprenticed to his father.

Being trained in a thoroughly practical school, much under his father’s eye, he soon became expert in the use of tools. His evenings, and almost all his spare hours, were devoted to scientific studies; he also acquired a knowledge of drawing at the classes formed by the father of the late Mr. Spence, Sculptor of Rome. His industry and talents enabled him, on the completion of his seven years’ apprenticeship, to take an active part in the management of his fathers business. At this time the works were chiefly engaged in the production of stoves, heating and ventilating apparatus, small engines, and machinery of various kinds.

Everything Mr. Pooley touched bore the impress of thought and skill, his designs being marked by a simple elegance, a fitness, and an accuracy of taste and judgment somewhat unusual in those early days, before School of Art had lent their aid to the student. Correctness of outline, strength of form, with lightness of of appearance, were aimed at and generally attained by him. About the year 1830 his father admitted him to a partnership, and the firm then took the style of ‘Henry Pooley & Son’.”……Ref and more info here

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