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Race against time to bring historic Liver bird gates back to Liverpool

Sep 6 2010 by Marc Waddington, Liverpool Echo Full story

Yesterday, A PAIR of historic gates featuring the earliest Liver bird which ended up outside a foundry in the Black Country were removed.

Campaigners hoping to bring the “Henry Pooley gates”, which used to sit outside the old sailors home in Canning Place, to Liverpool, said time was of the essence as they were currently being refurbished.
The campaigners said they feared if the gates were replaced in the West Midlands town of Smethwick it would be doubly difficult to see their safe return to the city.
Because the historic gates are Grade II listed the local authority in Smethwick must give listed building consent for them to be moved.
It granted permission to the gate’s owners, Avery Berkel, to move them for repair.

From John Hinchcliffe, World Heritage Officer, Liverpool

3rd Aug 2010

I met the representative of the foundry which has dismantled the gates, in advance of the conservation works to them. He confirmed that:

1. The contracted sum will be sufficient to return them to pristine decorative condition, including the recasting of missing components but it does not allow for the two middle panels to be made to open.

2. The restoration work has not yet started and is likely to take around 14 weeks from when it does start.
3. Details of safely and securely fixing the gates in an aesthetically pleasing way needs to be agreed. They had originally priced for pining the gates to a wall but erecting them in a free-standing position will be more expensive.

4. A colour scheme is yet to be agreed but they intend to take paint samples to try to find out the original colour scheme.

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